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"How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend"
Short stories and poetry (Necon E-Books, 2011); (How)
- received HWA Bram Stoker Award(R)

"Being Full of Light, Insubstantial"
100 poems (Space & Time, 2007); (Being)
- received HWA Bram Stoker Award

"Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes"
A poetry collection from Space & Time (2001); (Consumed)
- the poem Fiery Oracle on Honorable Mention Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (2001)
- received HWA Bram Stoker Award(R)

"Animated Objects"
Short story & poetry collection (sf, fantasy, horror) from Space & Time (1997); (AO)

Books with others:

"Dark Duet"
A collaborative poetry collection with Stephen M. Wilson (Necon eBooks, 2012); (DD)
- HWA Bram Stoker Award(R) finalist

"The Four Elements"
A poetry/prose collection with Rain Graves, Charlee Jacob and Marge Simon (Bad Moon Books, 2013); (4E)
- received HWA Bram Stoker Award(R)


Books as editor:

"Sycorax’s Daughters"
Dark fiction and poetry by African American women edited with Kinitra Brooks, PhD & Susana Morris, PhD (Cedar Grove Publishing, 2017) (SD); cover by Jim Callahan
- HWA Bram Stoker Award(R) finalist

"The 2018 Rhysling Anthology"
A poetry anthology of 117 poets; 150 poems (87 short, 63 long) from around the world, (Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, 2018); cover by Rowena Morrill
- SFPA membership uses to vote on Rhysling Award for best Short/Long poems


Poetry (262):

1. Bard Wellington; (6/94); Just Write mag (AO)

2. Writing Magic; (6/94); Just Write mag (AO)

3. One Night Stand; (1/94); Deadlines mag, Jan/1995 (AO)

4. (haiku-2/95); Haiku Headlines mag (AO)

5. (haiku-4/95); Haiku Headlines mag (AO)

6. (senryu-Spring/95); Frogpond mag, 1995 (AO)

7. Animated Objects; (4/95); Tales of the Unanticipated, issue 15, 1995 (AO); 2006 reprint Hear Them Roar anthology

8. Why The Dinosaurs Died; (5/95); Asimov’s SF Mag., May 1997 (AO)

9. Amazing Grace; (95 The Laureate Letter, Writer’s Gazette) (AO)

10. (haiku); Brussels Sprout magazine (vol XXII:3, Sept 1995)

11. Mind Works; (Pirate Writings issue 9, in 1996) (AO); 2002 reprint Best of Pirate Writings

12. Rebirth (Epitaph magazine, in 1996) (AO); reprint Epitaphs anthology (Padwolf Publishing 2004)

13. Feeding; (Lore magazine, in 1996) (AO)

14. Dark Vows; (Epitaph magazine, in 1997 (AO); reprint Epitaphs anthology (Padwolf Publishing 2004)

15. The Unicorn and the Programmer; (AO)

16. How the Rainbow was Born; (AO)

17. Urban Wastedness; (AO)

18. e-toy-oc, the trickster; (AO) Fantasy & Horror (1998) Honorable Mention; (reprint SF/F Poetry handbook, a Resource for English 213G, New Mexico Junior College, Spring 2001)

19. The Plan; (AO)

20. Joyous Spirit; (AO)

21. Sassy Love; (AO)

22. Death, Resurrection and Flowers Blooming; (AO)

23. She Shuddered At His Thought; (AO)

24. Sunrise; (AO)

25. Desire; (AO)

26. Love; (AO)

27. Anger; (AO)

28. Hate; (AO)

29. War; (AO)

30. Pain; (AO)

31. Sickness; (AO)

32. Death; (AO)

33. Rising; (AO)

34. Blood Lust; (AO)

35. I’ve Tasted Your Blood; (AO)

36. Celebrant; (AO)

37. Poverty & Horror; (AO)

38. The Prelude; (AO)

39. Avenging Dream (97; Epitaph/1997=> Pirate Writing mag); (Consumed); 2006 (reprint Hear Them Roar anthology)

40. Pullus Cogens (97;, in 1997)

41. Alien Bathroom (97;, in 1997)

42. (97; Asimov’s SF magazine), June 1999

43. Land Sharks (97; Asimov’s SF magazine), Sept 1998

44. Fiery Oracle (5/98; White Knuckles 8) Fantasy & Horror (1999) Honorable Mention; (Consumed)

45. The Hunt (5/98; White Knuckles 8); (Consumed); 2006 reprint Hear Them Roar

46. Mourning Meal (5/98; White Knuckles 8); (Consumed) (How)

47. To Each Its Own (5/98; White Knuckles 8); (Consumed)

48. The Beaten Path (5/16/98; Dark Regions 11, Winter 1999); (Consumed)

49. Fire/Fight (10/98; Edgar: Digested Verse 1), 1/99; (Consumed)

50. Forever Dead (10/98; Edgar: Digested Verse 2); (Consumed); 2006 reprint Hear Them Roar anthology

51. Buffalo Run (8/99; Dark Regions); (Consumed)

52. Bottling Up De Evil (8/99; Star*Line), issue 22.5/1999; (reprint SF/F Poetry handbook, a Resource for English 213G, New Mexico Junior College, Spring 2001); (Consumed)

53. The Reluctant Astronaut (8/99; Asimov’s SF magazine), March/2001 (5 of 10 on Asimov’s Best Poem list, 16th Annual Readers’ Award Results, Sept 2002 issue).

54. Before You (9/99; Edgar: Digested Verse Vol. 2 No. 1 - Winter 2000); (Consumed)

55. Sharp, Shiny, Hurting Things (11/99; The Urbanite 12 (2001)); (Consumed)

56. After The Fire (9/00; Dark Voices: A Collection of Poetry from the Writers of Wicked Verse, Flesh & Blood Press) Feb/2002, (Being); 2008 Essence magazine, April issue, reprint.

57. Dreams of the Night Bird (9/00; Dark Voices: A Collection of Poetry from the Writers of Wicked Verse, Flesh & Blood Press) Feb/2002; YBF&H Honorable Mention (2002); (Being)

58. Precious (10/00; The Edge), Issue 9

59. The Barn (10/00; The Edge), Issue 9; (Being)

60. Mami Wata, Goddess of Clear Blue (Being)

61. Turning (Dec/2001; Rough Beasts (cd), Lone Wolf Publications); (Being)

62. Arc of the Dream; (Consumed)

63. A Bare Tree in February; (Consumed)

64. Breathe; (Consumed)

65. Broken Light; (Consumed)

66. Consumed; (Consumed); (reprint Hear Them Roar anthology)

67. Flirting with the Dragon; (Consumed)

68. Fragile Memories; (Consumed)

69. Grey Matter; (Consumed)

70. Have We Met Before; (Consumed)

71. Heart of the Matter; (Consumed)

72. Imminent Anger; (Consumed)

73. A Life on Hold; (Consumed)

74. A Midsummer’s Nightmare; (Consumed)

75. The Morpheus Calculation; (Consumed)

76. Next Time; (Consumed)

77. Recycled; (Consumed)

78. Turning Edges; (Consumed)

79. Unhinged; (Consumed)

80. The Comic Cannibals (10/01 GSHW In A Fearful Way, CD collection); YBF&H Honorable Mention (2002)

81. Night Visitors Made Flesh, In The Vessel of Your Creativity (GSHW In A Fearful Way); (Being)

82. Burning in the Shadows, While My Pen Softly Bleeds (GSHW In A Fearful Way); (Being)

83. Dr Booty Is Making House Calls (10/01 Dead Cats Bouncing antho) May 2002

84. The Cosmic Adventures of Jar Boy (10/01 African Voices magazine/Sheree Thomas) Spring/Summer 2002; (Being)

85. Cookin Now (02/03 Flesh & Blood Magazine 14); (2/22/03); (Being)

86. Evolving (9/03 Strange Horizons); reprint Strange Horizons: Best of 2003 (Lethe Press); (Being)

87. Dead Cat Traveling Circus of Wonders and Miracle Medicine Show (Intro and Farewell poetry, Bedlam Press 2006)

88. Fleeting Light (09/04 Spooks anthology, Twilight Tales); (Being)

89. poem 3 (The Dead Cat Poet Cabal anthology, Bedlam Press, 2005); (WHC05, 4/7/05); (Being)

90. Storm of Souls (Fantastic Stories magazine Winter 2005 issue, 2005); YBF&H (2005) Honorable Mention; (Being)

91. poem crazy (WHC05 convention book, 4/7/05); (Being)

92. Nightshift (WHC05 convention book, 4/7/05); YBF&H (2005) Honorable Mention; reprint in Dwarf Stars 2006; (Being)

93. Dark Dreamers (Necon25 book, July/05); (Being); reprinted in Best of Necon collection (2009)

94. After the Tsunami (, Nov/05); YBF&H (2005) Honorable Mention; (Being)

95. Between (, Nov/05); YBF&H (2005) Honorable Mention; (Being)

96. Holding You (, Nov/05); (Being)

97. How To Wear War (, Nov/05); (Being)

98. I’ll Take My Truth On The Side (, Nov/05); (Being)

99. Wet (, Nov/05); YBF&H (2005) Honorable Mention; (Being)

100. -299,792, 458 m/s (Being)

101. A Dream (Being)

102. A Failure of Neurons (Being)

103. All Hallows Eve (Being)

104. Am Not (Being)

105. As the Dust Settles (09-11-01) (Being)

106. Back Story (Being); reprint WHC08 Program Book, 3/2008; reprint Poets Espresso Oct/Nov 2008 issue

107. Beautiful Meat (Being)

108. Being Full of Light (Being)

109. Bell Rock, Sedona, AZ (Being)

110. Belly Dancing (Being)

111. Bleeding Cold (Being)

112. Burning (Being)

113. Chatoyant Love (Being)

114. Cleaning List (Being)

115. Clear Like Glass (Being)

116. Core Manifestations (Being)

117. Dark Dragon (Being); reprint Sci Fi Fan 2 chapbook for third annual science fiction and fantasy poetry reading at the Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library 4/2008

118. Darklight, Star Bright (Being)

119. Dragon Love (Being)

120. Dream Potions (Being)

121. Dream Walking (Being)

122. Dreaming the World (Being)

123. Earth’s Blood (Being)

124. Falling Away (Being); reprint WHC08 Program Book, 3/2008

125. First Day (Being)

126. Full of Tangled Remains (Being)

127. Ghost Dancing with the White Buffalo (Being)

128. Giving Birth (Being)

129. Imagine (Being)

130. Indestructible Reflections of the Dream Child (Being)

131. Inevitable Singularity (Being)

132. Interruption (Being)

133. Letting Go (Being)

134. Like Water for Chocolate (Being)

135. Living Between the Blows (Being); reprint WHC08 Program Book, 3/2008

136. Madness Has Wings (Being)

137. Mermaid in the Bronx (Being)

138. Mistaken Identity (awakened by Katrina) (Being)

139. Mp3 Zen Buddhists (Being)

140. Mythical Quantum Functionality (Being)

141. One (Being)

142. One More Learning Distraction (Being)

143. Openings (Being)

144. Other Bitter Memories (Being)

145. Painting Chaos (Being)

146. Perfection (Being)

147. Point in Time (Being)

148. Possibilities (Being)

149. Power Surge (Being)

150. Presence (Being)

151. Ready (Being)

152. River of Silent Dreams (Being)

153. River Share (Being)

154. Rules (Being)

155. Say Love (Being)

156. Secret Places (Being)

157. Seeing the End (Being)

158. Spitting in the Eye of the Creator (Being)

159. The Adventures of a Ghetto Child (Being)

160. The Last Dream (Being)

161. The Last Moon Rise (Being)

162. The Shape of Words (Being)

163. The Taunt (Being)

164. This Journey on One Breath (Being)

165. Transcending (Being)

166. Unfolding (Being)

167. untitled (ego) (Being)

168. untitled (fighting) (Being)

169. untitled (nebulae) (Being)

170. Useless Things (Being)

171. Whale Riding (Being)

172. Who Am I? (Being)

173. Wilderness of Mirrors (Being)

174. Without (Being)

175. Wrong/Right (Being)

176. The Vortex of Damnation (Doorways magazine, issue 5, 4/2008) (DD)

177. Threshold Exploration (Doorways magazine, issue 6,2008) (DD)

178. The World is a Desert (WHC08 Souvenir Anthology, March/08) (DD)

179. The Road (WHC08 Souvenir Anthology, March/08) (DD)

180. Extrication (WHC08 Program Book, March/08) Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 1 (DD)

181. The Story of Belief-Non (Dark Faith, Apex Books, May/2010)

182. Star Seed’s Arietta (Niteblade magazine, June/2010) (DD)

183. behind the locked door (microcosms twitter magazine, October 14, 2010)

184. naughty, blurry parts (microcosms twitter magazine, 2010)

185. Shhhhhhhhh! (with Stephen M. Wilson) Poe Little Thing (2011) (DD)

186. How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend (How), Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year (2011)

187. After I Ate The Apple (How)

188. Ghost Driving (How)

189. Bending (How)

190. How Her Garden Grows (How); 7 Magpies film project

191. Demon Dance (How), Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year (2011)

192. In This Strange Place (How) (DD)

193. How to Recognize Your Friend Has Become a Demon (How)

194. the ghost mother hums (microcosms twitter magazine, 10/30/2011)

195. don’t fall for that grave yard love (microcosms twitter magazine, 2011)

196. your words of love (microcosms twitter magazine, 10/30/2011)

197. Dico, King of Hat Tricks (Abyss & Apex, 2012) (DD)

198. Transmutation (Eye to the Telescope, 2012), nominated for a Pushcart Prize

199. Melancholy Medicine (DD)

200. Bell’arte del canto (DD) w/smw (Stephen M. Wilson); reprint WHC2016 souvenir anthology

201. LET ME IN (DD)

202. The UnDone Red Queen (DD)

203. Nocturne (DD) w/smw; nominated for a SFPA Rhysling award

204. Circus of Willis (DD)

205. The Dancer (DD) w/smw

206. Remove/Mix/Hope (DD)

207. Lions in the Living Room (DD)

208. A Bloody Great Purge (DD)

209. Dying From This (DD)

210. Unfinished Symphony (DD) w/smw

211. Ouroboros (DD)

212. When Interior Light Becomes Bright (DD)

213. Coming Home (DD)

214. Conversion (DD)

215. Meditation, circa 9025 (DD)

216. A Splinter in the Finger of Casualty (DD)

217. The Tao of Shadow and Light (DD) w/smw

218. Return (DD)

219. Double Helix (DD) w/smw

220. Disambiguation (4E)

221. Transevolution (4E)

222. Finding the Great Dream of Hell (4E); Honorable Mentions for Best Horror of the Year, 2013

223. The Void in the Song of Madness (4E)

224. Accepting Birth, Enduring Life (4E)

225. Full Harvest (4E)

226. Landmannalaugar’s Thoughtform (4E)

227. Lost in Translation (4E)

228. Upon First Seeing Ongtupqa (4E)

229. Shining Brow (4E)

230. Fearless (4E)

231. Rock Mirror (4E)

232. Peru 4545 (4E); reprint WHC2016 souvenir anthology

233. Meta Spatiality (4E)

234. The Feeling of Unbecoming (4E)

235. Hidden in the Moon’s Full Shadow (4E)

236. Demon Meal (4E)

237. Indigenous Evolution (4E)

238. Jimmy Scott Nebula (4E)

239. Uncertainty (4E)

240. Inconsiderate Activity (4E)

241. Chiindii (4E)

242. Stillness (4E)

243. Prior to Returning (4E)

244. Homecoming (4E)

245. The Contest of Inescapable Misdirection (2013, High Stakes antho, Evil Jester Press)

246. Empathy (The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology); reprint WHC2016 souvenir anthology

247. All The Dark We Will Not Feel (Carpe Noctem 20th Anniversary Edition, April 2015)

248. A Murmur in the Woods (Carpe Noctem 20th Anniversary Edition, April 2015)

249. Lost in the Light (Carpe Noctem 20th Anniversary Edition, April 2015); reprint WHC2016 souvenir anthology

250. Tragic, Trembling Giant (Spectral Realms 3, Summer 2015)

251. Shadow Rainbow & Other Fragile Things (Dark Discoveries magazine #34, 2016)

252. Demon Slayer (Scary Out There anthology, Simon Schuster, Aug/2016)

253. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Scary Out There anthology, Simon Schuster, Aug/2016)

254. Convergence of Troubled Strands (Scary Out There anthology, Simon Schuster, Aug/2016)

255. #LoveLetter for @OverU (Scary Out There anthology, Simon Schuster, Aug/2016)

256. Welcome to the Mercy Museum (written with Charlee Jacob, Painfreak anthology, Necro Publications, Oct/2016)

257. Sycorax’s Daughters Unveiled (Sycorax’s Daughters, Cedar Grove Publishing, Feb/2017); nominated for a SFPA Rhysling award

258. Things That Earth No Longer Bears (Apex Magazine, Issue 95, April 2017)

259. Discarded Remains (Eye to the Telescope #25, July 2017)

260. The Black Speculative Art Manifesto (Spell) (Cosmic Underground, Cedar Grove Publishing, March 2018)

261. How to be Notorious (Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! Erin Sweet Al Mehairi’s blog, 2018)

262. My Life with the Tiger (Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! Erin Sweet Al Mehairi’s blog, 2018)


Fiction (25):

1. "Night of the Living and Dead" (Outer Darkness magazine, Issue 14, Winter 1998)

2. "Little Red in the Hood" (sf-7/95, Tomorrow magazine, Oct. 1996); Annual Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (1997) Honorable Mention., (AO) (B&N: 100 Hilarious Humor Stories) 1999 Reprint

3. "Am I Repeating Myself?" (Outer Darkness magazine #14, 11/95) (AO)

4. "Dust to Dust", (Poison Apple, 1996) (AO) (HOW)

5. "Boo", (Going Postal anthology, June 1998)

6. "One Night At Sheri-Too-Long’s Popcorn Bar"; (AO)

7. "Just Passing Through"; (AO)

8. "The Box"; (AO)

9. "The Christmas Ghost"; Dark Matter magazine, 1999

10. "Homecoming"; More Monsters in Memphis, collaboration with B. Smith 1/99

11. "Twice, At Once, Separated"; Sheree Thomas’ Dark Matter collection, Warner Books, 7/2000; on Year’s Best SF 2000 Honorable Mention

12. "Excerpts from The Unabridged Traveler’s Guide as UFOs in Galaxy A.G.2" (Nov/2001 Scars anthology); 12/2001

13. "The Power"; Dark Dreams I (8/2004, Kensington Publishing Corp) (How)

14. "Whispers During Still Moments"; Dark Thirst (10/2004, Pocket Book)

15. "Milez To Go"; Dark Dreams II (4/2006, Kensington Publishing Corp) (How)

16. "When We Dream Together"; Genesis: An Anthology of Black Science Fiction (2010, Graves Sheffield Publishing)

17. 369 Gates of Hell, (How)

18. Future, Past, Imperfect, (How)

19. Artificial Unintelligence, (How)

20. Working Up the Corporate Ladder, (How)

21. Live and Let Live, (How); reprint in Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism & Beyond (Rosarium Publishing, 2013)

22. Unrequited, (How)

23. "Heart Throb"; Slices of Flesh (3/2012, Dark Moon Books)

24. "Finding Water to Catch Fire"; The Beauty of Death anthology (7/2016, Independent Legions Publishing)

25. "Smiley Roaches"; Dark Voices anthology (2018, Lycan Valley Press)


Non-Fiction (37):

1. Built to Last article, (Essence, Dec 1983)

2. Computers and Kids article, (Essence, Sept 1984)

3. Nancy Kress interview, (Pirate Writings, 1996)

4. Painfreak by G. Houarner book review, (Pirate Writings, 1996)

5. Painfreak by G. Houarner book review, (Poison Apple, 1996)

6. Pirates of the Universe by T. Bisson book review, (Pirate Writings 13, 1997)

7. The Orange Cat Bistro by Nancy Linde book review, (Pirate Writings 13, 1997)

8. Terry Bisson interview, (Pirate Writings 13, 1997)

9. HWA Stoker Weekend article with G. Houarner (Hellnotes, e-mag 6/27/97)

10. NECON 17 convention article (Hellnotes, e-mag 7/25/97)

11. The Wings of Honneamise, video review with Brian Addison (Space & Time 87)

12. Inside the Works by G.Houarner, T.Piccirilli, E.Lee review, (Pirate Writings 15, 1998)

13. Barry Malzberg interview, (Pirate Writings 15, 1998)

14. Going Postal review, (Pirate Writings 17, 1999)

15. Shakespeare to Street Rap The Music in Poetry article for HWA Newsletter (1999)

16. KeeneCon 2000 report (DarkEcho, 9/14/2000)

17. The Cell movie review, (Sept/2000)

18. "Never Consumed, Never Reduced" article, Jobs In Hell online (Sept/2002)

19. History & My Writing essay, TheAngryBlackWoman blog (Feb/2008)

20. Prince of Stories: The Many Worlds of Neil Gaiman, introduction to poetry section, (Oct/Nov 2008)

21. Be the Change, From the Trenches article the HWA Newsletter (June 2009)

22. Working Without Pay, From the Trenches article the HWA Newsletter (April 2011)

23. Recognizing Demons and Angels, Blood & Spades article for HWA Newsletter (May 2012)

24. The Inner Circle, From the Trenches article for HWA Newsletter (June 2012)

25. Keeping Up, From the Trenches article for HWA Newsletter (March 2013)

26. How Geek Girls Will Rule the World, interviewed (with other amazing Geek Girls) by Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon (2013)

27. 60 Black Women in Horror by Sumiko Saulson, interview (2014)

28. Marketing Writing, From the Trenches article the HWA Newsletter (Jan 2014)

29. Lone Writer, From the Trenches article the HWA Newsletter (Nov 2014)

30. Book Sanctuary, From the Trenches article the HWA Newsletter (Dec 2015)

31. Genesis-The First Black Horror Writers for Horror Addicts blog (Feb 2016)

32. Corona Obscura by Michael R. Collings, introduction written by me (July 2016)

33. Pay It Forward, From the Trenches article for HWA Newsletter (Nov 2016)

34. Giving Back, From the Trenches article for HWA Newsletter (Nov 2017)

35. Supporting Evolution, From the Trenches article for HWA Newsletter (June 2018)

36. Its Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life, Roundtable interview, Crystal Lake Publishing (Dec 2018)

37. Safe Havens, WFC Award Ceremony Toastmaster speech, Uncanny Magazine (Jan 2019)


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