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July 19, 2019 Checkout the cover reveal and summary from Promote Horror site of a new poety collection coming out, THE PLACE OF BROKEN THINGS (Crystal Lake Publishing), written with Alessandro Manzetti. Cover art by Adrian Borda, interior art by Luke Spooner.

Jan. 28, 2019 A Film inspired by my Poem, MOURNING MEAL, is being made by award winning producer, screenwriter Jamal Hodge. Watch the first trailer of Mourning Meal with Linda voiceover. Checkout fundraiser: Mourning Meal from Poem to Film.

Watch video of my performing poem Mami Wata, Goddess of Clear Blue presented by KXCI and Words on the Avenue, produced by Tere Fowler-Chapmann and Hannah Levin. Filmed and directed by Julius Schlosburg. The best team ANYWHERE.

May 11, 2019 Here in the full video of the 2019 HWA Bram Stoker Awards starting at 3:47 Tom Monteleone (who wrote our script) and I presented the award for Superior Achievement in an Anthology presentation starts at 4:37.

Mar. 27, 2018 Here in the full video of the 2018 HWA Bram Stoker Awards is my receiving the HWA Lifetime Achievement award from 41:40 to 47:10.

Feb. 5, 2018 The Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award Final Ballot has been announced and I am joyful that SYCORAXS DAUGHTERS is a finalist in the Anthology category.

Jan. 4, 2018 the Horror Writers Association announced that I am the winner of its Lifetime Achievement Award. I feel so honored and blessed.

April 30, 2017 I received the Horror Writers Association Mentor of the Year Award at StokerCon 2017 held on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. A wonderful surprise since I have been helped by so many and have been simply giving back.


(publisher Crossroad Press)
A collection of horror and science-fiction short stories and poetry; received a HWA Bram Stoker Awards(R).

(publisher Space & Time Books)
A collection of 100 poems; received a HWA Bram Stoker Awards(R).

(publisher Space & Time Books)
A poetry collection, introduction by Charlee Jacob; received a HWA Bram Stoker Awards(R).

(publisher Space & Time Books)
A poetry and fiction collection, introduction by Barry N. Malzberg.


DARK VOICES CHARITY ANTHOLOGY for Breast Cancer, 100 Percent of profits will go to benefit breast cancer non-profit organizations. Horror, science fiction and dark fiction by 38 women. (publisher Lycan Valley Press)
Contains my original story, Smiley Roaches.

BLACKTASTICON 2018 ANTHOLOGY, edited by Milton J. Davis. (publisher MVMedia, LLC.)
Contains the first time reprint of my story, Twice, At Once, Separated, from the first Dark Matter anthology. Includes work by Guests at the Blacktasticon in Atlantic GA (2018).

COSMIC UNDERGROUND, edited by Reynaldo Anderson & John Jennings. (publisher Cedar Grove Publishing)
Contains my poem, The Black Speculative Art Manifesto (Spell) with art work by Stacey Robinson.

SYCORAX’S DAUGHTERS, edited by myself, Kinitra Brooks PhD, and Susana Morris PhD. Cover artwork by Jim Callahan.
(publisher Cedar Grove Publishing)
A horror anthology of fiction & poetry by African-American women (some new, some known) and HWA Bram Stoker Award(R) finalist.

PAINFREAK anthology edited by Gerard Houarner.
(publisher Necro Publications) Charlee Jacob and I have the opening piece, includes all new stories from some of the top authors in modern horror.

I have a set of poems in this wonderful anthology of short stories and poetry from Simon Schuster.

THE BEAUTY OF DEATH: The Gargantuan Book of Horror Tales with Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell and others. (publisher Independent Legions Publishing) Contains my story, Finding Water to Catch Fire.

FOUR ELEMENTS (kindle) FOUR ELEMENTS (paperback) (publisher Bad Moon Books)
A poetry and fiction collection with four sections written by four HWA Bram Stoker Award(R) winners, Marge Simon (Earth), Rain Graves (Water), Charlee Jacob (Fire) and myself (Air), cover art by Daniele Serra and color interior illustrations by Marge Simon; received a HWA Bram Stoker Awards(R).

DARK DUET (publisher Necon E-Books)
A collaborative book of poetry written with Stephen M. Wilson, inspired by music. Cover art by Kiri Moth and interior art by Jill Bauman, a duet of introductions by Tom Piccirilli and Mike Arnzen; a HWA Bram Stoker Award(R) finalist.

I wrote the introduction to this exciting and enticing collection.

Dark Discoveries magazine #34 (publisher JournalStone)
Contains my poem, Shadow Rainbow & Other Fragile Things.

100+ Black Women in Horror Writing
Sumiko Saulson compiled a list of Black Women in Horror in 2014, this is the 2018 updated version which includes interviews with eleven of the women and an essay about Octavia Butler and L.A. Banks. (I am one of the 11).
Read Sumiko Saulson blog on her updated Black Women in Horror book.


Tucson Festival of Books
March 3, 2019: Sun 2:30 to 4:30 pm I will be at the Indie Pavilion signing DARK VOICES Anthology 100 Percent of profits will go to benefit breast cancer non-profit organizations, contains my original story, Smiley Roaches. Publisher Lycan Valley Press.

I will be moderating the following two panels
March 2 at 11:30am NIGHTMARE FUTURES: Charlie Jane Anders, K.S. Merbeth and Peng Shepherd envision futures fraught with peril. Who will survive?

March 3 at 11:30am V-WARS: with Jonathan Maberry, Jeff Mariotte, Marcy Rockwell, Weston Ochse, and Yvonne Navarro. Find out about the V-Wars, and shared world anthologies with some of the writers who imagined it.

StokerCon 2019 in Grand Rapids MI
May 9 to 12, 2019: I will be teaching a workshop More Scary Forms: The World of Structured Poetry for All Writers as part of the Horror University.
I will also be on panels and doing a reading.

July 18 to 21, 2019: I will be a Writer Guest of Honor at the Northeastern Writers Conference in Providence, RI.

Tai Chi Alchemy
Sept 20 to 22, 2019: I am going to TCA in Sedona AZ. I have attended for many years. There is tons of love and inner calm to be absorbed. Highly recommend and you do not have to know tai chi.

TusCon 46
Nov 8 to 10, 2019: I will be a panalist and host the Open Mic at this fun SF Convention in Tucson, AZ.

I am one of the authors of 7 Magpies Movie, an anthology film project conceived by L.C. Cruell. The film is being created with work by 7 black female horror authors & 7 black female filmmakers based on the old nursery rhyme.

The writers include myself, Tananarive Due, Sumiko Saulson, Eden Royce, Crystal Connor, Valjeanne Jeffers, and Paula Ashe.

The directors are Lucy Cruell, Tiffany D. Jackson, Nicole Renee, Robin Shanea, Lary Love Dolley, Meosha Bean, and Rae Dawn Chong.

According to one old superstition, the number of magpies one sees determines if one will have bad luck or not.

One for sorrow, Two for mirth, Three for a wedding, Four for a birth, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, Never to be told.

Check out the 7 Magpies Facebook page.


How to Recognize a Demon Has Become a Friend review by V. Castro (and shout out to the fantastic artist Jill Bauman for the book cover). (4/24/2019).

Three poems by me for National Poetry Month by Erin Al-Mehairi, Oh for the HOOK of a Book blog. (4/24/2019).

My voiceover in the MOURNING MEAL film first trailer by award winning director, producer Jamal Hodge, based on my poem. (1/15/2019).

Mourning Meal from Poem to Film fundraiser PR by award winning director, producer Jamal Hodge. (4/1/2019).

20 Indie Horror Novels for 20 Types of Horror Fan has my book, HOW TO RECOGNIZE A DEMON HAS BECOME YOUR FRIEND, on the list (10/8/2018).

An Interview With Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient LINDA ADDISON by Gaby Triana, The Witch Haunt site (8/10/2018).

I Know Why the NyteBird Sings: An Interview with Linda D. Addison by David E. Cowen (7/2/2018).

Interview with Linda D. Addison by Gordon B. White, Nightmare Magazine (7/1/2018).

An Interview With Blacktasticon Guest of Honor Linda Addison by Robert Jeffrey (5/9/2018).

Interview with an Author: Linda Addison by Daryl M., Librarian LA Public Library (4/27/2018).

Poems by Linda D. Addison Bram Stoker Award Winner by Erin Al-Mehairi, Oh for the HOOK of a Book site (4/27/2018).

Authors Interviews with Linda D. Addison by Fiona Mcvie (4/25/2018).

Women in Horror Superstars: Linda Addison & Stephanie Wytovich by CLASH Media (2/28/2018).

20 Women Horror Writers You Need to Read by Jason White (2/21/2018).

Linda Addison Wins HWA Lifetime Achievement Award writeup by Horror Addicts Net (2/19/2018).

10 African American Authors to Read This Month Litreactor column by Gabino Iglesias (2/13/2018).

Linda Addison Will Scare You (In A Good Way) Tempest Challenge BHM by K. Tempest Bradford - Between Boundaries blog (2/12/2018).

WiHM (WOMEN IN HORROR MONTH) by Michael Bailey on his Written Backwards blog (2/2/2018).

10 Chilling Writing Tips From Horror Authors by Charlotte Ahlin (9/19/2017).

Writing Excuses 12.12: Words as Words, with Linda Addison (3/21/2017).

28 Days of Black Women in Horror by Eden Royce - The Dark Geisha blog (2/4/2017).

Women In Horror Month interview by Kathryn McGee of the Horror Writers Association (2/3/2017).

SFF Poet Spotlight by Bryan Thao Worra, an award-winning Laotian American writer (1/31/2017).

A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction by M. Asli Dukan, Invisible Universe (2016).

3 Horror Novels By Black Authors To Read This Halloween by Alexandria Daniels (10/31/2016).

The Horror Poetry of Linda Addison by Cherita Smith (10/17/2016).

Discussing Writing, the Speculative, and Horror University: An Interview with Linda D. Addison By Jonathan Martínez (6/24/2016).

Blood Indigo: Black Women Horror Writers to Read Now by Eden Royce (2/23/2016).

Living Among Legends by Crystal Connor on Horror Addicts (2/22/2016).

What It Takes to Write Strange Stuff my guest post on JG Faherty Blog (2/21/2016).

Linda Addison On Winning A Bram Stoker Award interview on Horror Addicts (2/18/2016).

Genesis-The First Black Horror Writers, my blog post on Horror Addicts (2/10/2016).

8 Authors to Follow by Annie Neugebauer (2/15/2016).

Intro to Celebrating Black Horror History, by Sumiko Saulson on Horror Addicts (2/1/2016).

HWA Poetry Page honoring Women in Horror. Editor, Peter Salomon has poems by Terrie Leigh Relf, Marge Simon and myself (1/31/2014).

Interview with Linda Addison, one of the authors of THE FOUR ELEMENTS (Air) by Sumiko Saulson (2/17/2013).

20 Black Women in Horror Writing by Sumiko Saulson (2/12/2013).

The Monster Librarian Presents review of FOUR ELEMENTS by Colleen Wanglund (2013).


Watch video of my performing poem Mami Wata, Goddess of Clear Blue presented by KXCI and Words on the Avenue, produced by Tere Fowler-Chapmann and Hannah Levin. Filmed and directed by Julius Schlosburg. The best team ANYWHERE.

My story, THE POWER, produced by Tonia Thompson (Editor & Producer) from NIGHTLIGHT: The Black Horror Podcast (8/21/2018).

PseudoPod 601: Flash On The Borderlands XLIII: The Grinding of Gears. Listen to my story AM I REPEATING MYSELF? (6/29/2018).

Presentation of the HWA Lifetime Achievement award to me in the full video of the 2018 HWA Bram Stoker Awards from 41:40 to 47:10 (March 2018).

Talking with Leza Cantoral Linda Addison Gets Lit (1/13/2018).

Listen to my interview about Mentoring Great Lakes Horror Company Ep. 033 (12/17/2017).

The Best of Jeff Strand and Linda Addison with Brian and Dave on The Horror Show with Brian Keene, Ep 135 (9/21/2017)

Watch my five minute interview on 5 Questions With Narazu Artist Spotlight (July 2017).

KXCI Episode 4: Tales of Tucson, original radio dramas of the Sonoran Southwest, Check out me talking with Shakespeare about Lady Macbeth at the TUCSON FESTIVAL OF BOOKS at about 14:15-14:25 & 14:48 to 14:52 minutes into the recording (May 2017).

HWA StokerCon Horror University interview, by StokerCon Video Squad (Feb 2017).

Listen to me read my poem PRECIOUS (from my first collection to win a HWA Bram Stoker, CONSUMED, REDUCED TO BEAUTIFUL, GREY ASHES and collage (by me) on SFPA Halloween page (October 2016).

Eating the Fantastic interview by Scott Edelman (June 2016).

Genesis Science Fiction Radio internet radio interview by William Hayashi (2/19/2016)

Interview, book reviews and other stuff with Brian and Dave on The Horror Show with Brian Keene, Ep 33 (9/18/2015)

Interview (includes my reading a poem) at 2010 Beyond Blacula reading in NYC by blackscifitv

My life is lessons and blessings. How else to explain the path of life that has taken me from the tough streets of Philly to a quirky house in New York to a house in the desert? Nestled in the midst of strange and wondrous items I joyfully write even stranger poems and stories.

Each event in my life holds different mixes of lessons and blessings, rarely 50/50. Often the situations that hurt are more lesson than blessing, but both are in the mix. Seeing each painful experience in this way heals the sting, makes me pay attention to the lesson and grow, to bring more light into my life.

My life
unfolding in unexpected dimensions:
take a skinny, awkward introvert,
mix in books of fables, science-fiction, fantasy, horror
Season with surprising blessings, people:

One taught me to laugh,
another to question everything
This one to know that there are no secrets
That one to see everything is hidden,

I learned to cry with my whole body,
That I am beautiful,
I am eternal,

Even broken,
I can heal,
rise from the ashes of a predestined life
find my authentic path
And know:

Unfolding life is imperfect.

Love the only truth.

Lessons and blessings
the only sanity…


Artwork by Newton Ewell.

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