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December 2001

SCARS, the charity anthology edited by NY HWA chapter member Gina Osnovich, is out.
Stories by Linda Addison, Gerard Houarner ("When Mom Changed," an original story), Nicholas Kaufmann, Jack Ketchum, Michael Laimo, Gordon Linzner, Monica O'Rourke, Anthony Beal and Adam Pepper. With essays by Geoff Cooper, Lee Thomas, John Urbancik and Jane Osnovich.
Copies are $10. All money goes to the Red Cross, earmarked for the victims of the World Trade Center disaster.
Shipping is $1.25 for first copy, .85 cents for each additional copy.
Send checks payable to Gina Osnovich, to
Gina Osnovich
1864 85th Street, Apt. 2K
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Or go to Send to account:, last name Osnovich.

Horror Garage #4 is out, and includes my story, "Here Come The Whistle Men," snuck in there between the likes of John Shirley and Bruce Holland Rogers and others, as well as a column on Kurt Russell by Norm Partridge, book reviews by Fiona Webster, and a bunch of music-oriented reviews. Pick it up at your local Tower, maybe BN, or the Hellnotes Bookstore,, or send $7 to Under the Volcano, Inc. (make check payable to this name), POB 53, Nesconset, NY, 11767, or check your horror lit dealers.

Extremes 4: Darkest Africa, the CD anthology coming out from Lone Wolf Publications, is coming together. I have a story in it, "Children in the Moonless Night," which will include a "story video" put together by a Bronx buddy and video artist, Joey "Bones." (You know how it is in the Bronx....sometimes it's better not to go by real last names. I'd tell you my Bronx name, but then, I'd have to kill you.) If you'd like to check out the cover (GAK-a-licious), line-up (impressive!) and interior art, check out the publisher's page at: (Click "Coming Soon")

In one of the more stunning acceptances I've had in a while (on a par with, like, selling a book), I sold a story to the Dreamhaven Bookstore anthology. Contributors include: Gene Wolfe, Ramsey Campbell, Jack Williamson, Harlan Ellison, Melanie Tem and others. You gotta be kidding me.

Another story, "Devoured by Her Enigmatic Smile," has been accepted for the Tooth and Claw anthology to be published by Lone Wolf. I'm hoping to work with yet another video artist on an "extra" for the CD collection (don't want to burn Bones out).

Dead Cat Bounce, the chapbook (still available from Space and Time, soon to be a major small press production starring a cast of, well, a little over a dozen....), was reviewed in the December issue of the British magazine BIZARRE. This is, in my opinion, the best magazine in the world. It keeps me informed about everything I want to know about the universe in general and humanity in particular. I haven't seen this review yet, but I understand it's a good one. At last, I feel like I've arrived. Where, I don't exactly know. But I've arrived.

November 2001

Rogue Worlds has published an original short story of mine, "Smoking Mirror Reflection." You can read it at:

"When Mom Changed," a light horror story, will be appearing in Scars, an anthology benefiting the Red Cross for the WTC disaster. All money from the book will be going to the charity -- authors and printer have waived all fees. Contact editor Gina Osnovich at for purchasing information, or if you'd like to carry the book.

October 2001

Hi. We were supposed to update this site sooner, to at least acknowledge the world has changed, but there was a bit of a computer problem and we're only getting to it now. By now everyone we know also knows Linda and I are fine, at least in body. We grieve with those who lost loved ones on September 11th. For anyone wishing to participate in the recovery process, please visit the following link for relevant information:

In one of those bizarre scheduling coincidences, Linda and I were scheduled to do a reading in the East Brunswick Barnes & Noble on September 11th. It has been rescheduled for October 24. It will take place at 753 Route 18, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. You can call them at 732-432-0100 for travel directions.

I was also scheduled to do a reading at the Housing Works Café on the 21st of September. That and the whole New York Is Book Country was cancelled. Instead, I'll be reading with Alexa DeMonterice at the Café on October 27th at 6:00PM, located at 126 Crosby Street. Call 212-334-3324.

Judy Comeau did an audio interview with me at the Horrorfind convention a couple of months ago. You can find it at:

Be safe. Stay strong.

September 2001

Thanks to Shikhar Dixit, Linda and I will be doing a reading Tuesday, September 11, at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 755 Route 18 (Southbound), East Brunswick, NJ 08816. You can call them at (732)432-0100 for travel directions.

I'll also be doing a reading as part of the New York Is Book Country event in NYC later in September. I'll be at the Housing Works Cafe on the 21st, one of four writers reading between 7 and 9. Check the NYIBS site for details:

"Hot Thing," originally published in the collection Painfreak and reprinted on the site, has been published in the anthology Best of Horrorfind, available at: This anthology was very well-received at the Horrorfind Convention in Baltimore.

Black Orchids From Aum, the collection of dark fantasy stories set in the banished city of Aum, where anything can be bought, is finally available in trade paperback, from Silverlake or

Judy Comeau, TombKeeper for the Creature Feature Tomb, had some very nice things to say about The Beast That Was Max. Check out her review at: She also did an audio interview on the run (as we were stalked by Bruce Campbell fans), which will eventually find its way on ole Count Gore's Creature Feature page ( More to follow. By the way, young ladies with necks, beware. Count Gore likes 'em. Necks, that is. Ask Linda. There's pictures of her with him attached to her neck, which I'll probably post next month...

"Here Come the Whistle Men," a short horror story, has been sold to Horror Garage and is scheduled to appear next year.

"Mister Wiggley Wants A Hug," a comedic, vaguely erotic horror story I wrote for M. Christian's book tour reading some months ago, has been sold to the UK horror humor magazine, Dead Things.

"The Unborn," a short horror story, has been accepted to the anthology Dreaming of Angels, a benefit project for Down's Syndrome charity. The hardcover will be released from Cosmos Books early 2002, with a paperback version from Prime to follow in time for WHC 2002 in Chicago.

The Leisure edition of Road to Hell is scheduled for Fall, 2003. More to come.

In sadder news, the fantasy anthology Mother, Maiden, Crone - Three Faces of the Goddess, has been cancelled. Oh well, back to the marketing grind for that story.

Brief Horrorfind Convention Report

Thanks to Brian Keene and all the folks who worked so hard to organize a wonderful con. I had a lot of "wonderful moments" with writers, at readings, in hallways and rooms, etc., but here are a few in no particular order that'll stay with me:

  • Kelly Laymon's mini skirt (the result of a lost bet, I understand - the only question remaining is what would Feo have looked like if he's lost the bet?)
  • The Elevator (this experience, by itself, is filled with "moments" not quite in the same category as the rest of the con -- the "stop;" the faces of the claustrophobic passengers -- Linda, her sister, and Rain -- who could not believe they were indeed trapped in a packed, stuck elevator; the vanishing of air; the realization that the alarm was not working; Brian calling 911 to get to the hotel front desk to tell the cheerfully disbelieving clerk that, yes, your hotel does indeed have a stuck elevator; prying the elevator doors open with a guy named "Rock;" pulling people out while the hotel security guy looked on approvingly -- thanks so much for the support, fella)
  • Nick Kaufman's "naked" reading
  • Death visiting the Garden State Horror Writers reading and the look on Drew's face as he looked up from his story to see Death walking through the door
  • Keene's "acquisition" of a wheelchair
  • Feo's motivational sermon
  • "Doug Clegg" and "Jack Ketchum" in a conversational talk/panel -- like listening to two masters talking and fooling around at the bar
  • the Dallas party
Thanks to the folks who showed up at my reading. Can we do this again? (except for the elevator part....)

August 2001

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Fourteenth Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, has been released by St. Martin's Griffin, and I was thrilled to find that three of my stories received honorable mentions: "Born From The Womb of Forever," Enigmatic Electronic, "Bui Doi," Indigenous Fiction 5, and "I Love You And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It," from the collection.

In addition, the collection I Love You And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It, as well the chapbook Dead Cat Bounce, were mentioned in the introduction, as well as a belated mention of 1999's Road to Hell novel from Necro; I was happy to see proof I actually existed last year.

Space and Time magazine did terrific as well, with Charlee Jacob's "White Moths" poem receiving an honorable mention (selected by poetry editor Linda Addison), as well as Patricia Russo's "Le Demon Riant," S&T Spring; Philip Thompson, "Lonesome Mary," S&T 92; James Van Pelt, "Road Decoy," S&T Spring; Katherine Woodbury, "Golden Hands," S&T Spring. Charlee Jacob's sf story,"White Phantom," S&T Spring, also received an honorable mention from Gardner Dozois in The Year's Best Science Fiction. It's a great feeling as fiction editor to have these stories recognized.

See what you're missing? Why haven't you subscribed!!!!!

In media news, I was interviewed for the local Bronx Cablevision news channel on Friday, July 13th, which was quite an experience since the reporter, Marlie Hall, came to the house lugging fifty pounds of equipment and did the whole thing herself. An online version is available HERE. The TV version ran for nearly a day every half hour on several different news broadcasts (they make a new half hour show about every four hours, using/expanding previous features and stories while integrating new ones), so it was like having a commercial for The Beast That Was Max. The timing -- Friday the 13th -- was also perfect for a horror segment. Watching Marlie work inspired the creation of a reporter character which I hope to include in an upcoming novel. I wasn't sure if she'd survive the story (you know how horror writers are), and when I told Marlie my reservations, she informed me she knew karate and asked if that would help.

I guess it will.

July 2001

You haven't bought The Beast That Was Max from Leisure yet? Why not? Don't you know they tear the covers off those books in a month and return them to the publisher for credit? SAVE THE COVERS! BUY THE BOOKS!

Thank you.

Gerard has a new message board at Horrorworld, the revived Masters of Terror site from Andy Fair. Drop by, leave a message, visit the other writers at the site, tour the facilities, etc:

"The Virus of Memory," a science fiction story originally published in Year One, an anthology edited by Tom Piccirilli, has been published electronically by Electric Wine at http:/

"An Apocalypse Inside Him," written by myself and Shikhar Dixit, has been published by the Fangoria website at:

"A Kill To Build A Dream On," an extreme love story, has been published in the horror CD anthology Bloodtype, available from Lone Wolf Publishing.

"The Chain-Lynched Man," a horror story about the consequences of racial hatred, has been published in Brutarian 33, available at finer magazine stores, Tower Records, or from: Dom Salemi, PO Box 210, Accokeek, MD, 20607 for, I believe, $5 (check for ordering info).

"The Keeper" has been accepted by the Dark Tales anthology The Asylum, Vol. 2, scheduled for August 2001.

"Hot Thing," originally published in the collection Painfreak and reprinted on the Horrorfind website, has been published in The Best of Horrorfind anthology. Check out the following site for the cover, ordering info, other contributors, etc.:

The Beast That Was Max received a very nice review by's #1 reviewer. Check it out HERE.

An interview I did for the local Bronx Times Reporter on writing and working at a psychiatric center is up at

Beware Dead Cat. It lives. More news forthcoming. Buy the chapbook now. Get the T-shirt while you can.

Shane Raley, peripatetic publisher of Delirium Books, has moved the message board he's put up for me and other writers in his stable. If you want to leave a message, go to:

June 2001

The Beast That Was Max is out! Go forth and purchase a copy at better bookstores everywhere, or online at Barnes & Noble or

I'll be doing a reading with Dallas "Jack Ketchum" Mayr (gulp - the man who beat a Dead Cat for the Stoker) on June 22nd at the Housing Works Café on 126 Crosby Street, NYC. For more information, check out the events update at: or call 212-334-3324. And thanks to Adam Pepper of the NYC HWA chapter for giving me the opportunity.

"An Apocalypse Inside Him," a short story co-written by Shikhar Dixit and myself, was bought by Fangoria's new online fiction editor Tom Deja and will be featured on their site shortly. Check for the story at:, under Fiction (if the story's up, you'll see a recent update date under Fiction).

"Lie to Me," originally published in the small press chapbook anthology A Midsummer Night's Terror, is up at Darkmoon (

"Smoking Mirror Reflection," a longish tale about a stripper and South American gods, has been sold to Rogue Worlds ( and will be up on October 15, 2001.

Check out Colleen's stunning cover illustration for the upcoming issue of Space and Time (I'm the Fiction Editor):


Plans continue for this summer's Baltimore Weekend of Terrors' convention. Sponsored by Horrorfind.Com and Fright Vision, along with special contributors Rue Morgue magazine and Haunted Attraction magazine, this convention will be a one-of-a-kind event, comprising all the different aspects of the horror genre: Horror Movies, Horror Books, Horror Amusements, Halloween Haunt Industry, Haunted House Industry, and the Real-Life Supernatural will all be represented.

Celebrity Guests include:

Jack Ketchum (Author of The Girl Next Door and Ladies Night)
Bruce Campbell (Star of Evil Dead I & II and Army of Darkness)
Douglas Clegg (Author of Naomi, Mischief and Halloween Man)
Tom Savini (Special effects wizard for Creepshow, Dawn of the Dead, and From Dusk Till Dawn)
Mark McLaughlin (Author of Shoggoth Cacciatore, Editor of The Urbanite)
Dick Warlock (Halloween's Michael Myers)
Jack Passarella (Author of Wither and Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Doug Bradley (Hellraiser's Pinhead)
Barry Hoffman (Author of Born Bad and Hungry Eyes, Editor of Gauntlet Press)
Tom Morga (Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees)
Gerard Houarner (Author of The Beast That Was Max and Editor of Space & Time)
Feo Amante (Stand-up Horror Comic and Webmaster of Feo Amante's Horror Home)
Weston Ochse (Author of Natural Selection and Scary Rednecks and Other Inbred Horrors)
Ben Chapman (Star of Creature From the Black Lagoon)
Gene O'Neill (Author of Ghosts, Spirits, Computers and World Machines)
Brian Keene (Author of No Rest For The Wicked and Editor of Jobs In Hell)
Linnea Quigley (Star of Pumpkinhead II, Nightmare on Elm Street IV)
Mason Winfield (Paranormal Investigator, Author of A Ghosthunter's Journal)
JF Gonzalez (Author of Clickers and Shapeshifter)
Brinke Stevens (Star of Haunting Fear and Nightmare Sisters)
Count Gore De Vol (Host of TV's Creature Feature)
Karen Taylor (Author of the Vampire Legacy series from Pinnacle Books)
Holly Newstein and Ralph W. Bieber (Authors of Out Of The Light)

Other confirmed actors, writers, editors and publishers include: Linda Addison, Gary Connor, Geoff Cooper, Brad Gullickson, Michael T. Huyck Jr., Louis Maistros, Eoghain O'Keeffe, Michael Oliveri, Gene O'Neill, Garrett Peck, John Platt, Judi Rohrig, Sheri White, and Drew Williams.

Events include a massive dealer's room, live midnight séance, celebrity Q & A sessions, author readings, stand-up horror comedy, horror movie room, walk-through Haunted House, real ghost stories, mass celebrity and author autograph signing event, individual autograph sessions, music, nightly parties, and much more.

The convention takes place August 24th, 25th and 26th, 2001 at the BWI Airport Marriott in Baltimore, Maryland. The Marriott is five minutes from BWI Airport and 12 minutes from downtown Baltimore. There is a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. The bars, restaurants, indoor pool, lobby, dealer's room and convention rooms are all on the first floor, making it ideal for a great event. For the convention, special discounted room rates are only $99 a night. Make reservations at the BWI Airport Marriott by calling 1-800-228-9290. Make sure that you mention Horrorfind or the Weekend of Terrors to take advantage of the special room rate. The hotel reports that rooms are going quick.

Advance ticket price will be $25 for the entire weekend. There will be no admission without a ticket. To purchase advance tickets, make your check payable to and mail to: HORRORFIND.COM LLC, 9722 Groffs Mill Drive, PMB 109, Owings Mills, MD 21117. Advance tickets can also be purchased online via Paypal, by visiting:

May 2001

The Beast That Was Max is now available for pre-orders on both and Why wait?

Leisure has bought Road To Hell, the second Max book originally published by Necro Publications. No release date set at this time. Necro still has some copies of the signed, limited edition for sale - check out the Max page on this site.

Lone Wolf Productions has published Peter Crowther's latest collection, Cold Comforts and Other Fireside Mysteries, on compact disk in a limited signed and numbered edition, featuring NYC photos on the cover, table of contents and CD by yours truly. Check it out at

The Door, a horror short, will be published by sometime in early May. Check it out under Writers, and spend a few hours wandering around this all-inclusive horror site.

Check out an interview with me up at While you're there, check out the rest of the web site. It's a purty one.

"Dead Cat Bounce" was favorably reviewed in the May, 2001 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction, by that beloved (by me, certainly) and well-read friend of the small press, Paul Di Filippo. The money quote is as follows: "This poignant story manages to mix Don Marquis' Mehitable with Karloff's Mummy in a charming creepy-funny fashion, a tone captured perfectly in numerous B&W drawings by a mysterious artist known only as GAK." -- Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's Science Fiction, May, 2001.

Black Orchids From Aum also received a favorable review from Anita Jo Stafford at the Simply Dreams website. The review can be accessed at: It reads, in part: "This book is unique and ingenious. Depending on what the reader wants to take from the stories, they can be anything from dark fantasies to warnings of what could be in a world with too much excess. This book is highly recommended."

Advance orders for the trader paperback edition of Black Orchids From Aum can be ordered from, where various electronic editions are available right now. You can also order it from

In further review news (some months you sell stories, others you get them reviewed, and then there are the months when nothing happens except rejection), BLUE FOOD came up with the following on a pair of linked short shorts by yours truly in the British anthology Nasty Snips: "The finest piece to be found in this unsettling collection of unsavory vignettes would have to be "Boxes" and "Bags" by Gerard Daniel Houarner, a surreal and poetic indictment against the fallacies of desire and the shortcomings of human nature. To say this dulcet and philosophically detached paean to compartmentalized grief is out of place in this gathering is an understatement. But existing as it does--a precious jewel amongst the bitter dregs of sociopathic cravings--makes this anthology a recommended must."


April 2001

Stunningly, the Space and Time chapbook Dead Cat Bounce, illustrated by GAK, is on the Horror Writers Association's Stoker final ballot for outstanding short story. Go figure! Even better, go buy it: a steal for five bucks (plus postage), featuring a genuine award-nominated story and drop dead dead cat art (so to speak) from the legendary GAK. Check it out here!

"How Do We Say Goodbye" is currently up at at so why don't you give it a read and let me know what you think, by email, or below on the board. And rate it on the site, as well.

Check out my new message board at Delirium Books:! Don't be shy. It only hurts after the first bite.

"The Blind," a dark sf story set in the Bronx, was sold to Steelcaves, an online sf/f/h magazine, though has not yet been scheduled for publication. I'll let you know when it's up.

"Like Tears, Cast in the Steps of Her Mother," was sold to the e-anthology Mother, Maiden, Crone - Three Faces of the Goddess. Also appearing in the book will be fellow CITHian Amy Benesch.

To my delight, photographs I took of New York City during a recent snow storm will be used as the cover and assorted other graphic material for Lone Wolf Publications' upcoming Peter Crowther CD collection, COLD COMFORTS AND OTHER FIRESIDE MYSTERIES. Scheduled for May release, it will include the usual multi-media mix of material Lone Wolf Publications is famous for, as well as a healthy sampling of Peter Crowther's fiction (which is the point of it all). Check out the COLD COMFORTS page (my professional photographer friend is laughing) at

Some of you may have seen the following notice in various newsletters, but if not, please read very carefully, check out the online statement, and consider the consequences for the writers and artists you like. If you're a professional in the field, read it twice. I sent in my money.


Harlan Ellison is continuing his legal battle against a number of parties, both large and small, over alleged copyright infringement involving works posted on the Internet. Among the defendants in the suit is the corporate giant America Online.

In a lengthy statement recently posted online, Ellison said, "AOL, Remarq/Critical Path and a host of self-serving individuals seem to think that they can allow the dissemination of writers' work on the Internet without authorization, and without payment, under the banner of "free use" or the idiot slogan "Information must be free." A writer's work is not information: it is our creative property, our livelihood and our families' annuity. Why should any artist, of any kind, continue creating new work, eking out an existence in pursuit of a career, following the muse, when little Internet thieves, rodents without ethic or understanding, steal and steal and steal, conveniencing themselves and "screw the author"? What we're looking at is the death of the professional writer."

Ellison goes on to discuss instances of Internet "piracy" committed against himself and other writers, involving stories, books, even complete libraries, and discusses his 10-month legal battle -- a campaign he's now named "Kick Internet Piracy."

Ellison says the fight has been an expensive one, and that he's had to sell off certain possessions in order to pay attorney fees. He adds that the battle will get even more expensive now that the trial is about to enter the discovery phase.

Contributions of any size are being accepted. Checks should be made out to attorney M. Christine Valada and mailed to: Kick Internet Piracy, P.O. Box 55935, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413.

To read Ellison's complete statement and accompanying background information, visit:

APPEARANCES The Horrorfind Baltimore Weekend of Terror, August 24-26, 2001:

Linda and I will also be attending NECON, the Northeastern Writers Conference in Rhode Island, also known as Camp Necon, July 19-22, 2001.

March 2001

The reading has been firmed up: It is part of M. Christian's Dirty Mind tour, and is in fact a book party. "Join M. Christian for a book party, with selected readings by the author, as well as readings by Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Brendan Lorber, Andy Ohio, Gerard Houarner, Thaddeus Rutkowski and Abby Ehmann. Friday, March 16, 8:00 till 10:00 at TRUE, 28 East 23rd Street @ Madison Ave." (There will be a cover charge of $5.)

"Skin Seconds," a short story about a young woman's discovery of a shed snake skin in her kitchen cabinet and the consequences which follow, was published in Indigenous Fiction, Issue 7, Feb. 2001. The issue is available for $6 from Sherry Decker, PO Box 2078, Redmond, WA, 98073-2078. Check out their site at

"How Do We Say Goodbye," a somewhat surrealistic horror story, was sold to Gothic.Net and should appear on the site in May or June, 2001 "Hot Thing," last seen at, will be reprinted in The Best of Horrorfind trade paperback, to be announced soon.

And check out the cover to The Beast That Was Max, coming June, 2001 from Leisure.

February 2001

Welcome. Response to the site's launch has been very good, with Natalia getting lots of kudos for her work putting it all together. Check out her site, and contact her if you need this kind of work done!

The cover for the Leisure novel, The Beast That Was Max, is in. Check it out at the Max page to see it. The book is due out in June, 2001.

Fangoria #200, out right now, features a full page article by Thomas Deja on yours truly. It is part of a feature called The Future of Fear, which focuses mostly on hot young directors.

The electronic versions of Black Orchids From Aum have been released. Check out the Black Orchids publishers page for more details.

An Aum story, "Love's Quest," (not in the collection Black Orchids from Aum) has been published in Fantasque 6, available from Fantasque, PO Box 401, Lititiz, PA 17543 for $4.50 ($7.00 outside US), also featuring Jack Fisher, Stefano Donati, Kendall Evans, John Urbancik, Michael Pendragon, John Grey, Sandra DeLuca, Ken Rand, and MORE. You sure get your money's worth....

A photo gallery of pictures taken in a local Bronx cemetery was accepted for Lone Wolf's CD Stones anthology.

"Memphis Blue Again," an sf/cyber story, sold to Fantastic Stories of the Imagination.

Reprint rights to "The Virus of Memory," an sf/horror story originally published in the Pirate Writings anthology Year One, A Time of Change, edited by Tom Piccirilli, were sold to Electric Wine ( and will appear there sometime in the coming year.

DARK TESTAMENT: Perhaps one of the most controversial books of the year, this antho is based on modern day horror writers composing new Biblical tales, or "mutations" of the old. Contributors include: Steve Eller, Susan Elizabeth Gray, Kurt Newton, Teri A. Jacobs, Mike Oakwood, Gerard Houarner, Charlee Jacob, John B. Rosenman, Stanley Sargent, Jeffrey Thomas, Miriam Auden, John Everson, Anne Tourney and many more. Artwork by GAK. Editions and Prices: Trade Hardcover (unsigned). Price: $25.00. DUE OCTOBER 2001 from Delirium Books.

A couple of additional reviews of Dead Cat Bounce:

Very enjoyable. I read it aloud to my wife and she nearly laughed up a lung.
     Robin Sprigg, writer

This is a narrative poem, or perhaps it's a graphic chapbook. Interspersed throughout the whole story are bits and pieces of satire or commentary on humans, religion, process, and other things. The artwork is complementary and perfect in execution. The whole package is quite nicely done and I'd recommend it.
     Steve Sawicki, The Skeptic Tank, Scavenger's Newsletter,


Congratulations fellow CITHians who were accepted into the Musuem of Horrors anthology, Gordon Linzner and Tom Piccirilli!

January 2001


To old friends and new, welcome.

This site represents what I'm doing and where I'm at as a writer right now. Where I'm going is anybody's guess, but I'll keep you posted on new developments with commentary and updates announcements right here. So come back and visit now and then and see what's happening. Let me know what's going on in your world.

Wander around, poke in the corners and under the covers. Read a story. Send other readers.

See you later....

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