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The Steel Eye
by Chet Gottfried

In a world run by machines, being hard-boiled isn't enough for a robot detective -- he'd better be armor-plated! When a human client is blown to bits outside his office, the steel eye wheels into action that could earn him a one-way ticket to the slag-heap!

The Steel Eye has locked gears in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Pig Iron, and Space & Time.

"Chet Gottfried's work is vivid, lucid and distinct." -- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

"a beautifully crafted book...Sentence by sentence, the writing is beautiful, with its own singular quiet music." -- Home Planet News

ISBN 0-917053-00-1 (paper) $5.95

The Spy Who Drank Blood
by Gordon Linzner

Ruthless, skilled -- and expendable, because he's already dead! Tracking down the terrorist Free Thought Alliance seemed little challenge for his vampiric talents -- but Blood didn't expect the mysterious shambler that stalked the Everglades!

"Blood is a slyly humorous creation, the perfect hero for this droll, offbeat fantasy." -- Booklist

"...Blood is unique and interesting as a character and as an agent." -- Science Fiction Review

ISBN 0-917053-01-X (paper) $5.95

Bringing Down the Moon: Fifteen Tales of Fantasy and Terror
edited by Jani Anderson

Fifteen original short stories find horror in a Los Angeles barrio and a Georgia fairground; the skies of Nebraska and the subways of New York; a South American dictatorship and a Turkish city under Mongol siege! Includes work by Elizabeth Massie, Bentley Little, Kevin J. Anderson, Lois Tilton, Gordon Linzner and others.

"...without qualification, excellent!" -- Jessica Amanda Salmonson

"...reminds me of the original anthologies August Derleth used to edit and publish at Arkham House." -- Karl Edward Wagner

ISBN 0-917053-02-8 (paper) $7.95
ISBN 0-917053-03-6 (cloth) $15.95

Dead in the West
by Joe R. Lansdale

Death is common in the frontier town of Mud Creek, and usually final. After an Indian medicine man is lynched, however, bodies begin showing up the likes of which Doc and Undertaker Mertz have never seen. Nor has the Reverend Jebidiah Mercer, an itinerant gunslinging evangelist who challenges the demon behind the madness. Only by abandoning their hard-won homes can the townsfolk hope to survive a night of terror...but is it already too late?

"The writing is always good, often clever in the best sense, and the people just right for this shuddery little tale that manages to salute the pulps without debasing them." -- Stephen J. Baines, Mystery Scene

"Lansdale is to regional horror what Faulkner was to broader regionalism...There are chills and chuckles throughout this tightly structured novella." -- Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News

ISBN 0-917053-04-4 (paper) $10.00

The Maze of Peril
by John Eric Holmes

To those with the courage and ability to survive, the maze pays equal tribute in its fabulous mysteries and treasures from countless civilizations. Now the Dagonites plot to keep these riches for themselves. Boinger the halfling and his companions must discover the Dagonite stronghold, challenge their warriors and wizards, rescue a friend, preserve the waterways of Amazonia, and maybe even save the world.

Inspired by the popular "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game.

"Clarity of thought and presentation, inherently interesting material, and a flair for the written word makes John Eric Holmes' The Maze of Peril a must acquisition for any serious student of contemporary creative fiction." -- The Midwest Book Review

ISBN 0-917053-05-2 (paper) $6.95

The Wall
by Ardath Mayhar

The children of Bon Riviere are disappearing. Alice Critten comes to the Louisiana town to claim the legacy of her great-aunt Eleanor: a house cut off from its neighbors by a tall brick wall, with a jail cell lock on its single gate. Soon she is caught up in a web of murder, abduction, and the supernatural. The doom that made a recluse of Eleanor now threatens Alice's existence, unless she can untangle the mystery.

"...cozy and entertaining..." -- Al Sarrantonio, Mystery Scene

"...a beautiful horror-adventure book..." -- W. Paul Ganley, Fantasy Mongers

ISBN 0-917053-06-0 (paper) $6.95

by Jeffrey Ford

(winner of the 1998 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel: "The Physiognomy")

Who was the mad inventor Scarfinati? Whence came his mysterious powers? What dark secret caused him to meddle in innocent lives? His bizarre life story unfolds at the Carnival of the Dead, where a young woman seeks his spirit's forgiveness for accidentally killing him -- and nothing is as it seems!

"Shades of Lovecraft and Bradbury make for an absorbing, fast-paced horror/sf/mystery..." -- The Bookwatch

"Ford plays with words like a literary master, weaving his twisting tale gently in and out among his characters..." -- Knoxville News-Sentinel

ISBN 0-917053-07-9 (paper) $7.95

The Gift
by Scott Edelman

Lovers Joey Amatio and Peter Grandin, reviled for their homosexuality by the citizens of Allansville, revive the vampire that had terrorized the town generations earlier -- and discover there are, indeed, fates worse than death. A 1990 Lambda Award nominee.

"If Rice's recent efforts have left you out in the cold, Mr. Edelman's book will surely light your fire...icy fingers will tap-dance on your spinal cord." -- Mandate

"...gripping, suspenseful reading...Edelman has added new twists and treated this very much as a story of people, and as such it works memorably." -- Factsheet Five

ISBN 0-917053-08-7 (paper) $7.95

Animated Objects
by Linda D. Addison

A first collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror poetry, short stories and journal entries, some original, some reprinted from such sources as Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Pirate Writings, and Tomorrow SF. Illustrated, with an introduction by Barry Malzberg.

"Addison pours heart and soul upon the page in her first collection." - Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's Science Fiction

"Addison has enough invention for two writers and enough heart for three." -- Terry Bisson, Nebula Award-winning author

"With the eloquent simplicity of the writers of ancient earth tales, and the pop cleverness of modern-day fantasists, Linda Addison shares with the reader a collection from her very human, very mystecal realm, images often tender, poignant, brutal, transcendent." -- Elizabeth Massie, Stoker Award-winning author

ISBN 0-917053-09-5 (paper) $7.95

ISBN 0-917053-10-9 (cloth) $14.95

Going Postal
edited by Gerard Houarner

Several "Honorable Mentions" in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror!

Nineteen all new science fiction, fantasy and horror tales of madness and people who've been pushed too far, from amusement park employees to dumped lovers. Includes work by Eliot Fintushel, Bentley Little, Tom Piccirilli, Melanie Tem, Don Webb, Linda Addison, Dominick Cancilla, James Dorr, K.L. Hasell, Charlee Jacob, Gordon Linzner, Daniel Pearlman, J.A. Pollard, Roy L. Post, John Rosenman, Robin Spriggs, Andrew Tokash, Milton Wheeler, and Michael D. Wilton.

"The stories are much more varied than in most original anthologies; there are a lot of excellent ones, including those by Daniel Pearlman, Bentley Little, Don Webb, Melanie Tem, and several others. The quality level here is as high or higher than in most anthologies from major publishers." -- Don D'Ammassa, Science Fiction Chronicle

ISBN 0-917053-11-7 (paper) $10.00

Dead Cat Bounce
by Gerard Houarner; illustrated by GAK

A 24-page illustrated fable detailing the efforts of a cat, sacrificed to an Egyptian goddess, to return to the land of the living. Sort of. This is a fable to horrify the inner child in all of us.

ISBN 0-917053-12-5 (paper) $5.00

Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes
by Linda D. Addison

The 2004 Stoker-winning collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror poetry, short stories and journal entries, some original, some reprinted from such sources as Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Pirate Writings, and Tomorrow SF.

ISBN 0-917053-13-3 (paper) $7.00

The Women at the Funeral
by Corrine De Winter

The 2005 Stoker-winning collection of fantasy and horror poetry by a fresh new talent.

ISBN 0-917053-14-1 (paper) $10.00

Being Full of Light, Insubstantial
by Linda D. Addison

Cover art by Brian Addison

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An exciting new collection of poetry, most never seen before, from the first African-American to receive the HWA’s coveted Bram Stoker Award.

ISBN 978-0-917053-16-0 (paper) $10.00

The Mirror
by Natalia Lincoln

Cover art by Evi Numen

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A vampire glimpses his reflection in a mirror for the first time in eight hundred years... his victim, a young woman lost in the modern city, finds herself pulled into an ancient quest. Natalia Lincoln's epic tale of obsession, bloodlines, and an undying curse richly evokes medieval Eastern Europe and present-day New York City.

"A vivid dark world of punks, demons, and blood, of red velvet and black leather dusters. Driven by necessity, dread, and love, these characters carve their names on our hearts so we will never forget."
—Jeanne Cavelos, editor, The Many Faces of Van Helsing

"Natalia Lincoln is a new voice whispering along the corridors of shadows and light -- and it would do you well to listen."
—P.D. Cacek

ISBN 978-0-917053-15-3 (paper) $19.99

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