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Black Orchids from Aum -- click to visit Silver Lake Publishing's siteBLACK ORCHIDS FROM AUM

Dark fantasy stories from the Cursed City, Aum
Available from Silver Lake Publishing


Aum came to me one day while I was stuck in traffic. Staring at the car ahead of me, I noticed the letter on the licence plate spelled a word: AUM. What was Aum? A who or a where? When? Why? How?

I sent a King into Aum and found out. I wrote more stories, exploring the politics, magic, art and politics of the place, until I found a character who brought the place into focus for me: Jeloc. You'll find him in the last two stories of this collection. I have plans for him, and for Aum.


"The Collector of Delinquent Accounts"
"The Lost Reliquary"
"Shing of the Bridge Folk"
"The Yellow Play"
"Cure for the Plague"
"The Face of the Messenger"
"Black Orchids from Aum"
"A King Comes to Aum"
"The Reed From Hell"
"The Forgotten Woman"
"While Waiting For Evening"
"A Piper in the Necropolis"

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