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Road to Hell, cover by Brandy GillThe Road To Hell, the "second" Max novel





Easily the most uniquely remarkable thing about Max (and the twin pair of lethal sirens who share his bed and life and warped passions) is that he truly walks in two worlds: the world permeated by shadow conspiracies and the continually shifting political aims of the military-industrial complex, and the even more shadowy world of gods and goddesses (typically demanding ) and spirits (typically vengeful). This mixture makes for more than just an intriguingly heady brew. It actually seems within the realm of possibility....and who's to say that it isn't? Boundaries, remember. They're only as enforceable as you'll allow them to be.
Brian Hodge, introduction to The Road to Hell
Houarner's got a great knack for characterization and plotting, for keeping the people real enough (in the context of the story) and delivering a good story that moves along without losing any of the momentum it has at the beginning. If anything, things just get weirder, and for me weird adds interest. Enjoy the Road to Hell, as it appears to be paved with magic, death, guns, desert sand, and sex-starved gods.
inet Reviews, online, 9/99 - Road to Hell

Houarner does a great job of filling this book with so much weird shit the book never wants for actions or interesting things. Houarner's got a great knack for characterization and plotting, for keeping the people real...and delivering a good story that moves along without losing momentum, never letting up for a breather, but pounding along non-stop.

Midnight Hour review, Road to Hell

On the surface, ROAD TO HELL is a horror novel, steeped in violence, gore, and the supernatural -- Death follows Max like an acolyte, feasting on the carnage he creates. But, to my mind the book is also grappling with the issues of fatherhood and parental responsibility -- at its heart, it is a book about family ties and obligations. Like many new fathers, Max struggles with his inner demons while trying to understand the emotions, both positive and negative, his child arouses in him. Add to the mix his (admittedly unique) job pressures and personal issues, and ROAD TO HELL can be read as a metaphor for sacrifices and rewards of fatherhood, and for the pain of letting your children grow away from you. This subtext grounds the more fantastic action, lending credibility to some of Houarner's more outrageous scenes.

There's much to like about this book -- Houarner's prose shines, and he displays a truly wild imagination (in his introduction, Brian Hodge refers to it as Houarner's tendency to "color outside the lines").

Hellnotes, Hank Wagner review of Road to Hell

You may not know this just yet, but Gerard Daniel Houarner has been slowly making a name for himself in hardcore horror circles. ...his mix of twisted sex, deadened emotions and black comedy has been garnering him a select circle of fans. The Road to Hell is a well-written work, filled to the brim with twisted ideas. Houarner's work is great, and I recommend you acquaint yourself with it.

Fangoria, review of Road To Hell

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