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The Beast that was MaxMAX

The Beast That Was Max, a novel from Leisure Books, July 2001
ISBN 0-8439-4881-7
400 pages, $5.99 US, $6.99 Can
Leisure's web site is at for further information on their book club and publication schedule.

The Beast That Was Max, published by Leisure Books in July 2001, should bring hope to writers that the small press is not only vital to the development of craft and career, but work produced in the small press can and should be professional, and even commercially viable. Certainly there is no shame in belonging on a list of authors with works first published in the small press -- Barry Hoffman, Tom Piccirilli, Owl Goingback, etc. -- which were later picked up by commercial publishers. It just took a bit of time for the commercial publishing world to catch up.

The second Max book, Road to Hell, originally published in a small press limited edition by Necro Publications, will be coming out from Leisure in the Fall of 2002. I am now working on the third Max novel, bringing the nine "story" arc to an end, because it certainly seems that, one way or another, Max will find his way into print.


You'll be dazzled along the way by Houarner's distinctive prose and unique blending of natural and supernatural elements. I can guarantee you've never read anything like it before. In a time when many writers merely try to reproduce the work of more successful novelists, Houarner treads his own path. You'll never mistake his work for someone else's.
Garrett Peck, Gauntlet Magazine, The Beast That Was Max

His strength is in throwing out ideas at an alarming rate, presuming an intelligence on the part of his readers thatıs refreshing. Popping like a Rob Zombie version of the James Bond theme, Houarnerıs imagination creates a tremendous thrill ride. This is a rare chance to get in on the ground floor of a new mover in the world of horror.

Thomas Deja, Fangoria 207, The Beast That Was Max of the most unusual horror novels of recent years. A very intense, brutal, and bloody novel.

SF Chronicle, The Beast That Was Max

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