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Dead Cats Bouncing

Available at Necro Publications.

It's insane. It's unbelievable. It's not my fault.

My partner in Dead Cat crime, Gak, went to the World Horror Convention last year and convinced Dave Barnett of Necro Publications, and now Bedlam, that the world is eagerly awaiting an anthology of Dead Cat stories. And he was inundated by writers dying to write Dead Cat stories. So he's assembled a Dead Cat anthology, and he's illustrating the whole thing himself! If you picked up the original Space and Time edition (still available, by the way), you know what that's going to be like. If you haven't met Dead Cat yet, you're in for quite a ride.

I love Dead Cat. He's my bud. But I have to confess, I'm a little surprised by his popularity. I mean, I know he's a cat and cats are very popular and commercial and all. But he's dead. He ain't exactly cuddly, if you get my drift. Yet people have really warmed up to him. He's taken off. Moved out of the house, gone off to live with other people and make a living. Hardly comes back to visit (and who can blame him, given the company he's keeping). He's having fun, bless the little dead bastard.

However, I'm definitely going along for the ride! Though Gak is the driving force behind this project, I'm doing as much as I can to earn my keep. Don't want Dead Cat abandoning me, fer crying out loud.

Gak has lined up a stunning set of writers:

Linda Addison
Paul Di Filippo
Mick Farren
Charlee Jacob
Brian Keene
Jack Ketchum
Edward Lee
Terry McGarry
Yvonne Navarro
Gene O'Neill
Tom Piccirilli
John Skipp
David Niall Wilson

Dead Cat his own self has written an introduction, and I've got a new DC story in there as well as the reprint of the original.

So take a chance. Take a look at that list of contributors. How can you pass the book up? Buy two, and give one as a gift.

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